100 $
Voskan Elbakyan and his wife
"Today's eagles of our millennial struggle for survival, you have placed the dream and soaring of your young soul on the sacred altar with the call for the salvation of the homeland, without hesitation for a moment. With your lessons of heroism, you present to the world the indestructible will of the Armenian fighter, the unparalleled patriotism, the aspiration to keep the house and the homeland peaceful and flawless. The day that has come once again strengthened the sacred call of our ancestors: "Forward to the salvation of the holy homeland." Lion-hearted, eagle-hearted, noble Armenian soldiers, inspired by the will of the Lord, love and faith of all of us, destroy the despicable enemy and give full peace to us and the whole world. Glory to our homeland, glory to you, our loved ones, glory to your parents. ”
200000 դր.
«Educational-Sport Complex» Enterprise Of «Gazprom Armenia» CJSC
Today, when the homeland is at war, we must make every effort to strengthen the backs of our soldiers standing on the border. Our staff replenished its regular range of work by doubling the 1,000 drams transferred each month to support soldiers killed and disabled during the war and their families. In this struggle for survival, we are fighting both on the border and in the rear, and we will win with unity.
10000000 դր.
"DAR" The Foundation of regional development and competitiveness
Dear brothers, sisters, fathers and sons, defenders of the Armenian world. At all times and in times of hardship, we are strong in our faith, our unity, our devoted service to the homeland, and our daily building of a bright future. Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, in peacetime we dance our dances and line up together when it comes time to defend our sacred land. Today, all the Armenian people pray for your victorious return. Each of us makes the most of our strengths, abilities and talents as we approach the day when you will walk triumphant through the main square of the country. Your courage knows no bounds. May strength and faith, military honor and success, perseverance and bravery never leave you. We will never bow our heads! We will win.
250 $
Grigoyan Zorik
100 $
Hakobyan Arthur
We are strong with our army.
100000 դր.
Good Credit Universal Credit Organization CJSC
It’s an honor to be a part of this great effort to help wounded soldiers and the families of deceased soldiers. We hope that this project will contribute to the financial and social welfare of military families. It is thanks to our heroes that, today, we and our children live in a free and independent Armenia. Our aid is nothing compared to what our heroes have done for our present and our future. Մեր հերոսների շնորհիվ է, որ մենք և մեր երեխաներն այսօր ապրում ենք ազատ ու անկախ Հայաստանում: Սաոչինչ է այն ներդրումի դիմաց, որ մեր հերոսները արել են մեր ներկայի և ապագայի համար:
200 $
Papanyan Family
Every diaspora Armenian felt the tremors of artillery during the four long days of the April War. The resonance of those tremors has caused us all to realize that we have collective responsibility for the security of Armenia and Artsakh. It was not some military vehicle that ran out of fuel on a battlefield far away, it was OUR vehicles that was stranded under fire; it was not some remote villager who had to temporary flee home, WE were the ones homeless that night; it was not somebody’s son, father, brother, friend who got wounded in the battle, it was OUR son, father, brother, friend. It was not somebody’s son, father brother, friend who lost his life on the frontline, it was WE who lost son, father, brother, friend… The financial assistance that the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen provides is not for somebody’s family, it is for OUR family. Please join us in supporting OUR foundation.