Realizing the price paid by the soldiers for the peace and security of future generations, ZINAPAH was established to provide stable, equal compensation for the well-being of fallen, missing, and disabled soldiers and their families while defending the homeland, borders.

The Foundation was incepted in 2017.

It operates according to the law and consistently implements its mission. The Foundation’s resources are collected from mandatory monthly payments of taxpayers in Armenia and Artsakh (based on the amount of income), as well as from voluntary donations received all over the world. The primary principles of ZINAPAH are:

  • Ensuring the financial stability of the soldiers and their families who sacrificed their lives or health for the defense of our homeland
  • Providing fair and equal financial compensation
  • Accountability and transparency for our activities On the website you can see both mandatory payments and donations made by you.

Based on the principle of transparency, the funds collected by ZINAPAH can be seen at any time. The Foundation conducts an independent audit every year. The website also contains reports of an independent audit as well as the director’s report. Each cent you donate to the Foundation is directed exclusively to the mission of paying compensation to the fallen and disabled soldiers and their family, while protecting the borders of the Homeland.

By donating to the Foundation, you will ensure the life and health of the soldier serving the Armenian Army. Today, it is our duty to stand by the families of the fallen and missing soldiers as well as the disabled.