You can support us to implement our mission - provide monetary compensation to the families of soldiers as well as to soldiers injured or fallen in combat. To make a donation choose any of the options below that suit you best.

Donation through our website

You can visit Donate page, select any of the proposed donation amounts or enter your preferable amount in the Other field.

Enter your name, surname and email. You will be transferred to the payment information page where you need to enter your card details. We encourage you to subscribe for monthly donations by activating the respective button.

We will send you a confirmation email on the address you share with us.

Donation through bank transfer

You can make a donation by bank transfer in AMD, RU, USD and EUR. Below you can find the details of the Foundation’s accounts for the receipt of donations or you can click here to download. ZINAPAH'S TAX ID 02656979

Donation via Paypal

You can make donations on the Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund website.  Click Donate to 1000+ button to donate.

Please note that PayPal has 2-3% fee depending on your card type.

Donation through Idram, EasyPay, TelCell electronic wallets

Make donation via Idram and TelCell Wallets by selecting the Foundation banner on the application’s home page.

To donate through EasyWallet you need to select Charity button in the Services menu then click on the Foundation banner.

Donation through online banking

You can make a donation via online banking. To do so you need to enter your online banking platform, select the banner for the Insurance foundation for servicemen and make the donation.

Donation through Haypost

You can support us by buying a unique poster from Haypost. Visit postcard page, select the postcard of your preference, and choose the amount you want to donate.

Find your donation on our website

You can always find the history of your donations on Find your donation page.